Roderick Reyes Magician
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magic of rod reyes

Rod regularly performs for Fortune 500 companies and private functions as well as celebrities such as Travis Barker, Cindy Margolis, Kathy Ireland and Kevin Costner just to name a few. Rod is a highly sought after magician because of his unique blend of magic that is action packed and full of surprises! Rod combines humor and lots of audience participation guaranteed to leave his audience entertained! Whatever your magical needs are from kids shows to large Las Vegas style illusions, Rod can add that “magic” to your next event making it a happy and memorable one! Please browse to the shows below to meet your needs.

Although this page is labeled as Corporate, Rod's show is not limited to weddings, county fairs, private birthday parties and Casinos. 



    strolling magic rod reyes
rod reyes strolling magic   This is the most intimate form of magic because the magic happens at arms length, right under your nose! Most often the magic happens in your own hands! Perfect for cocktail parties, grand openings, weddings, or table to table as the magician "strolls" from one group to another. The perfect Ice Breaker.
    formal close up show rod reyes
rod reyes formal close up show   Seeing is believing! This is more like a “mini” parlor show. Rod set’s up a table while your guests gather around and about to witness some powerful, high energy, action packed sleight of hand with mind-boggling effects guaranteed to leave you speechless! This is a single 50 minute close up show suited for audiences up to 25-30 people.
    parlor stage show rod reyes
rod reyes parlor stage   Witness some great magic performed in front of your very eyes without the use of the huge illusions. Rod combines music, humor, audience participation and mind reading to entertain you. Perfect for audiences from 30 to 1,000 people.
    illusion show rod reyes
rod reyes magician  

The Magic and Illusion of Rod and Genevieve!

A husband and wife tandem, Rod and Genevieve's success was not overnight. Through many years of relentless practical methods, their spirit driven love of the art, they have sustained and achieved their ongoing vision developing obsessively critiquing their own work. As a result, Rod and Gen are one of the most successful corporate performers in California! 
Their show consists of Las Vegas style production where Rod saws Genevieve in half, levitate her in mid air and jams flaming spikes through her and many more! Let Rod and Genevieve be the highlight of your next event.

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